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The Haunting Of Locker 31 by Deidre Bjorson Book Review [contemporary romance with a side of haunting]


After her mother commits a terrible crime, Misti is sent to live with her estranged Aunt and Uncle. Welcomed with open arms, Misti finds herself in a safe place for the first time since she can remember. She struggles to navigate life around her cousin, Penny, new friends and the handsome boy in her art class. On top of all of this, Misti is assigned Locker 31, the haunted locker. Misti dismisses the stories. Ghosts aren’t real.

When her things are arranged for her classes, Misti suspects she is being pranked. When her lock is spinning, she blames lack of sleep.

When a 20 year old diary appears not only giving life to the odd occurrences at the locker but brings them to her home, she runs out of explanations. With the help of her new friends, Misti sets out to solve The Haunting of Locker 31.



(arc provided by Reedsy in exchange for an honest review)

This is a book that was never quite sure what it’s plot wanted to be, hovering somewhere closer to a contemporary romance, before remembering that it was supposed to be a horror story and adding a new element of horror to it’s pages.

It was not a bad book, I actually really enjoyed the story of Misti, who is forced to leave her mentally ill mother, and finds herself in the care of her aunt’s family, who embrace her wholeheartedly and give her the life she’s always dreamed of, a sister figure, friends, a safe home environment.

The story of Lily, who was murdered and had the same locker that Misti gets, leaving Misti her diary to find her killer, is little more than a side note for the majority of the book. It’s not particularly scary, the moments of the writing on the mirror and the locker padlock spinning were pretty tropey and I feel like I would have enjoyed this book more had those been taken out.

I did not enjoy the ending, unfortunately, the conclusion was very rushed compared to the slow pace of the rest of the book, with the reveal and conclusion happening in a couple of pages at most. Character’s actions at the end of the book made very little sense and it felt like they were forced into saying or doing things in order to close the book faster.


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