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The Folklore Book Tag [it was just a summer thing]

I’m generally the person that will pull out the most obscure songs when asked for my favourites (Frauds? Winnetka Bowling League? John Joseph Brill?), but as pretty much everyone existing on Twitter knows, Taylor Swift dropped folklore recently, so I decided to listen to the whole thing. I really liked it! I have a few songs on my main playlists now. It was the first time I’d listened to one of her albums through, and now the first time I’ve done a book tag!

This one is from A Whisper Of Ink suggested to me by NightingFae.

The Midnight Lie – Marie Rutkoski

When I say that my jaw dropped when I read the final pages of Midnight Lie? I am still reeling a few months later. Being pretty much the sequel to The Winner’s Curse series, this book takes everything I thought I knew about the world of Winner’s Curse and changes it completely. I’ll never read it the same way again.

Harry Potter Series – She Who Must Not Be Named

I don’t really need to state the why here, do I? I grew up with Harry Potter, it got me through a very rough childhood. I pre-ordered this beautiful MinaLima edition some time ago, and now I do not know what to do.

The Gilded Ones – Namina Forna

I was lucky enough to get a copy of this in my Fairyloot subscription, and I was so happy because this was one of my anticipated releases this year, and then it got pushed back A FULL YEAR. I still have about 100 pages to read but so far, this is such an amazing book about girls who bleed gold, are extremely difficult to kill and are seen as demons. It feels so different to the YA fantasties I’ve been reading this year.

Every Exquisite Thing – Matthew Quick

I have a Goodreads list dedicated to ‘The Worst Books I Have Ever Read‘, but when I think back to the truly terrible books, Every Exquisite Thing is always at the forefront.

This whole thing is a like a toxic masculinity fantasy, Nanette is supposed to want to be away from the popular crowd and become a hipster or some shit but all the men in this are deeply philosophical and all the girls give blow jobs and fuck around so every time Nanette is introduced to “deep thinking” it’s literally told to her by a male character?

You can read the rest of my rant review featuring sleezy old men, shaved hollows of teenage armpits and a third person pov switch here.

Refugee – Alan Gratz

The story of three refugees from different time periods, this is a hopeful, harrowing read that I should have got a box of tissues for. I don’t often cry when reading, but I had to put this book down for a minute just to have a good cry before continuing.

Loveless – Alice Oseman

I mean, of course my aro/ace ass is going to say Loveless. This was a hugely anticipated read for me this year and I spent some time terrified in case I hated it, even my partner was worried because it is SUCH an important book. Thankfully, I thought it was perfect.

The Devil And His Boy – Anthony Horowitz

I have not read this book in easily over a decade, so I have no idea if it will hold up to a re-read! This has Elizabethan London, Shakespeare, dark secrets… everything I could possibly want in a children’s book.

The Unexpected Everything – Morgan Matson

I have not read this book yet but look at it! Yellow! Ice cream! Possibly too many dogs! I cannot think of anything more summery.

The Loneliness Of Distant Beings – Kate Ling

It has loneliness in the title, it counts! I honestly couldn’t think of a single book for this song so just googled around. It sounds like it might be a pretty bland book to be honest, and it’s on my TBR pile.

I Love You So Mochi – Sarah Kuhn

This was an easy one, I just finished I Love You So Mochi recently and it was a super fluffy, cute romantic contemporary. I loved every moment of Kimiko’s trip to Japan and it really made me want to visit, especially after finding out that there’s a PUG CAFE.

Wilder Girls – Rory Power

Despite only rating it 2/5, something about this book really reignited my love of YA, and made me start blogging again last year. It was the very first book I’d read in over a year. Since then, my love of book blogging has really grown, and I’m better at it and love it more than I did a decade ago.

Aurora Series – Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman

I really love Scarlet and her wild red hair, too tight outfits, her people skills and her penchant for putting her friends in wild costumes.

The Name Of The Star – Maureen Johnson

I’ve decided to take this one lliterally and choose a book about ghosts, set in modern day (Well, when the book was released) London. This was a really good book but I cannot recommend it – the rest of the series was a mess and has never been completed.

The Winner’s Curse – Marie Rutkoski

I… have no idea what this prompt means so I just picked my favourite book couple – closely followed by Valek and Yelena because YES. There’s not many book couples that really click for me, but Arin’s last words in the first book break me EVERY TIME.

I’m sorry, I like myself too much to die for a fictional character and besides, who would then read about all the fictional characters? See, I’m smart too.

The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes – Suzanne Collins

I am a huge Hunger Games fan, so I eagerly anticipated this right up until it was announced that out of the entire cast with backstories I wanted and needed to know, Snow was the main character. I tried to put that to one side, but I know I would have hated it more had I been fine with it being Snow – this is literally just 500 pages of him whining and eating. I was SO BORED.

How did I do? Have you listened to the album yet? Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “The Folklore Book Tag [it was just a summer thing]

  1. Great tag! I’ve been meaning to read Gilded Ones for ages now, hopefully I’ll get a copy from the library soon!
    I still haven’t listened to the full album, but I’ll probably save it to my Spotify and listen to it while I’m heading to the airport (basically, a time when I won’t be reading since I can’t read a book and listen to music at the same time).

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  2. Fun tag! I should try to put this together since I have done a prior Taylor Swift book tag, but we’ll see if I actually DO get this one organized. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The loneliness of distant beings is indeed bland. II can’t remember if it’s book one or two in its series but book one was meh and I DNFd book 2 because it was more meh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but now I’m stuck with a copy of book 3 that I bought not knowing it was the third book in a series (hence my attempt to persist with book 2!)

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