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Cinderella Is Dead by Kalynn Bayron Book Review [be a light in the dark]


It’s 200 years since Cinderella found her prince, but the fairytale is over.

Sophia knows the story though, off by heart. Because every girl has to recite it daily, from when she’s tiny until the night she’s sent to the royal ball for choosing. And every girl knows that she has only one chance. For the lives of those not chosen by a man at the ball . are forfeit.

But Sophia doesn’t want to be chosen – she’s in love with her best friend, Erin, and hates the idea of being traded like cattle. And when Sophia’s night at the ball goes horribly wrong, she must run for her life. Alone and terrified, she finds herself hiding in Cinderella’s tomb. And there she meets someone who will show her that she has the power to remake her world.



If I was reviewing this book critically, I know I would be picking holes in it. The plot is a tad too fast paced, Sophia switches from one romantic pursuit to another surprisingly easily, but I honestly didn’t care. I really enjoy a book that is just complete fluff, and despite the violent themes, this book really felt like pure fluff.

The world 200 years after Cinderella died hasn’t changed much, so it’s a world I was very familiar with – fantasy castle, big forest, small villages, pretty easy to picture. The idea of a patriarchal society isn’t a new one, so it was pretty easy to guess where the story was going.

I really liked the romance between Sophia and Constance, they worked really well as a couple and I rooted for them really early on. The banter between Constance and Amina was hilarious, I always love a sarcastic, older Grandma type in books, they always make the story that much more entertaining.

I used to be so good at guessing plot twists and suddenly I’m terrible at it, because I missed this one, which was staring me in the face. I did spend a small chunk of the book hoping the King would turn out to be Rumpelstiltskin or something. That would have been cool.

The whole story is covered in this one book, potentially making this a standalone novel. However with the discussion of other fairy tales, and the magic mirror, I would love a sequel set in the same world, based around a different fairy tale. Aromantic Beauty And The Beast? Asian Red Riding Hood? Please?

Have you read this book? Loved it? Hated it? Let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Cinderella Is Dead by Kalynn Bayron Book Review [be a light in the dark]

  1. So… I’m one of the few that really didn’t like this book. But I think it’s because my expectations for it were really high? I was hoping for something that was more insightful but you’re right in describing this as a fluff book. And for a fluff book, it’s pretty good!

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  2. Great review! I feel like this is a good book for when I need an ‘easier’ book!



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