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What Does Vee Do When They’re Not Reading? [mostly lie on the bed and scream into the void tbh]

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is non-bookish hobbies and I have SO MANY that I’m excited to share with you all. I’m strangely proud of all my hobbies, I often will pick up a new obsession and do nothing else for several months before dropping it entirely, a habit I’m trying to break.

I cross stitch! I’ve been cross stitching since I was a teenager and I now have my own Etsy shop, WitchStitchWhich where I sell my own patterns. It has been going over 2 years now and I have a full 5 star rating!

Valdus Mistfist (and cat)

I don’t know why I keep going back to it when I can’t get into most other games, but I’ve been playing Wizard101 on and off for a solid decade, and just got back into it recently. There’s just something about running around fantasy worlds pretending to be a powerful wizard that just gets me?

I’m really into mobile games, they really help pass the time. I usually play the Harry Potter Match 3 game while watching TV because I am incapable of sitting still and watching without fidgeting, and the Solitaire game in bed because it’s just boring enough to send me to sleep.

I’ve always been into photography even before I had a camera, working out which angles would be best for a shot in my head. This is something you’re more likely to see me doing during the summer months, as spring is usually too wet and autumn/winter too cold.

And now I’ve excitedly babbled about my love of photography, here are two absolutely terrible, blurry pictures of my snails. Getting pet snails is my Pandemic Mental Breakdown Thing and I cannot explain this decision.

My current comfort shows! I usually have Drag Race on repeat but I’m a bit burnt out with the amount that’s being churned out now. This pandemic has me looking back to all the shows that made me happy, and I remembered Rhydian on X Factor from when I was a teen, so I’m binge watching that right now. He’s wonderfully dramatic and an incredible singer.

I have two folders full of Pokemon cards, they’re all very carefully organised and a nightmare to reorganised because I have them all in number order, so whenever I need to add a new card in I have to shuffle them all around. Not the best system.

What non-bookish hobbies do you have? Let me know in the comments!

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