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Forget This Ever Happened by Cassandra Rose Clarke Book Review [you can’t operate heavy machinery with a broken heart]


Sometimes there’s a town called Indianola.

And sometimes there isn’t.

Summer, 1993. Claire has been dumped in rural Indianola, Texas, to spend her whole vacation taking care of mean, sickly Grammy. There’s nothing too remarkable about Indianola: it’s run-down, shabby, and stifling hot, a pin-dot on the Gulf Coast.

Well, there is one remarkable thing, she discovers. Something otherworldly.

But if you leave Indianola, you forget about it… and if you stay, you have to live with it every day.

Because there’s a confluence of energies at Indianola, a fissure in time and space, a gap in reality. Nothing is as it seems. And unless Claire can figure out this town–the talkative lizards under the pecan trees; the honey-sweet but terrifying girl next door; the cute daughter of a powerful family, who would answer Claire’s questions if she had any answers; the pervasive sense of history coming unspooled, like a video tape–she might never leave.

Featuring a mindbending plot, heartfelt queer romance, brilliant writing, and intricate worldbuilding, Forget This Ever Happened is a lush and thrilling genre-bender perfect for the Black Mirror generation.

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 I loved Cassandra’s previous book, The Assassin’s Curse, so when this was released it was very high on my wishlist! Set in 1993, I think this book could have been absolutely terrible and I still would have loved it, because Claire and Julie were such an incredible couple that I rooted for the whole way through.

There’s a lot going on in this book. A girl travelling to a small town for the summer, set in 1993, a sapphic romance, mysterious monsters that you forget when you leave town, an astronaut, and a 100 years old family mystery.

While I loved the story overall, and I can’t deny the idea of the monsters and the forgetfulness is interesting, I couldn’t help but feel that this story may have been better as a sapphic summer romance set in 1993, as all the elements together was perhaps a little too many.

At the end there was enough of a glimpse to know that my characters were going to be okay, which made me happy to close the final pages. I do wish we could have had a bit more, looking back, as there were a few threads that weren’t tied up, like Claire’s potential previous boyfriend.

Have you read this book? Loved it / hated it? Let me know in the comments!

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