Saturday Spotlight

Saturday Spotlight #10 [showcasing small press and self published books]

Finding lesser known indie books is a pain in the butt. Luckily for you, I did the work for you! I’ve vetted the first few pages of all of these recent finds, checking that the book is engaging and well written from the start, and to save you more time I’m adding the Amazon UK/US and Goodreads links too – I really want to add Storygraph links but most books in this series are Kindle, and Storygraph doesn’t seem to have an ‘Add by ASIN’ option.

Rise of the Red Hand by Olivia Chadha
(The Mechanists #1)

A rare, searing portrayal of the future of climate change in South Asia. A streetrat turned revolutionary and the disillusioned hacker son of a politician try to take down a ruthlessly technocratic government that sacrifices its poorest citizens to build its utopia.

The South Asian Province is split in two. Uplanders lead luxurious lives inside a climate-controlled biodome, dependent on technology and gene therapy to keep them healthy and youthful forever. Outside, the poor and forgotten scrape by with discarded black-market robotics, a society of poverty-stricken cyborgs struggling to survive in slums threatened by rising sea levels, unbreathable air, and deadly superbugs.

Ashiva works for the Red Hand, an underground network of revolutionaries fighting the government, which is run by a merciless computer algorithm that dictates every citizen’s fate. She’s a smuggler with the best robotic arm and cybernetic enhancements the slums can offer, and her cargo includes the most vulnerable of the city’s abandoned children.

When Ashiva crosses paths with the brilliant hacker Riz-Ali, a privileged Uplander who finds himself embroiled in the Red Hand’s dangerous activities, they uncover a horrifying conspiracy that the government will do anything to bury. From armed guardians kidnapping children to massive robots flattening the slums, to a pandemic that threatens to sweep through the city like wildfire, Ashiva and Riz-Ali will have to put aside their differences in order to fight the system and save the communities they love from destruction.

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Witch Chosen by Lisa Morrow
(The Order of the Cursed #1)

For a small group of girls, The Choosing is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to leave behind miserable lives of poverty, move to a castle, and learn to use magic. But for Rose, it’s more than that. If she isn’t selected by the powerful order of witches, she’ll be forced to marry a man she doesn’t love, or watch her father be taken to the prisons.

So when Rose and her best friend are selected, they think all their dreams have come true. And yet, not everything is as it seems.

Is it possible that being Chosen means a worse fate than they ever imagined? And could a handsome boy become Rose’s only ally in a fight she never imagined?

Being Chosen was just the beginning, now she needed to survive…

The Order of The Cursed is a young adult fantasy series of novellas with an epic adventure and a splash of sweet romance. It has witches, magic, secrets, and a tale you won’t soon forget.

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The Road Back Home from Here by Janice Broyles

To survive, they must choose to trust each other.

Seventeen-year-old Jamison Jones is concerned about one thing: survival. Not just his survival, but the survival of his drug-addicted mother. He has to take care of her, to make sure that she makes it back to their dingy motel room, or remind her to eat. Until one day when a knock at the door changes everything.

For seventeen-year-old Ellie Presley, she has no choice but to run. She’s running from her past. She’s running from those who seek to hurt her. Unfortunately, her past isn’t so easy to escape.

Both find themselves on a Greyhound bus. When danger threatens them, they are forced together to beat the odds. But they must learn to trust each other if they’re going to make it out alive.

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The PAN by Jenny Hickman
(The PAN #1)

Since her parents were killed, Vivienne has always felt ungrounded, shuffled through the foster care system. Just when liberation finally seems possible—days before her eighteenth birthday—Vivienne is hospitalized with symptoms no one can explain.

The doctors may be puzzled, but Deacon, her mysterious new friend, claims she has an active Nevergene. His far-fetched diagnosis comes with a warning: she is about to become an involuntary test subject for Humanitarian Organization for Order and Knowledge—or HOOK. Vivienne can either escape to Neverland’s Kensington Academy and learn to fly (Did he really just say fly?) or risk sticking around to become a human lab rat. But accepting a place among The PAN means Vivienne must abandon her life and foster family to safeguard their secrets and hide in Neverland’s shadows… forever.

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City of Perfect Moments by Annabeth Chatwin
(Finding Fairy Tales #1)

1. I meet West at a concert, and he decides we should be boyfriends for the night.
2. We kiss on the subway.
3. In the morning, he begs me to see him again.
4. I drive out to his place in Jersey, where we wear fur hats in his hot tub during a blizzard, drinking nonalcoholic mint juleps, no parents in sight.
5. We catch snowflakes on our tongues.
6. He recites poetry in public.

Is this real life?

But as I see West more and more, the cracks begin to show. Maybe my manic pixie dream boy isn’t what he seems. Maybe manic pixie dream boys are too weird for the real world, anyway. Maybe my high school would eat him alive. Maybe West is the weird kid.

Maybe I don’t want to be the weird kid with him.

But what if one person’s weird is another person’s beautiful?

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The Northern Kingdom (Lost in a FairyTale) by Tara Vasser
A Choose Your Path Adventure!

When your father goes missing, you and your brothers will do anything to find him—including following a mysterious woman down a well found in the woods. On the other side, you find yourself in a fairytale world, and your father cursed by The Winter Queen. To lift the curse, you and your brothers must scatter to the far reaches of Trueveat Isle to gather three magical leaves. Time is of the essence, and you have seven days to return with the leaf to the well in The Seasonal Forest before your father’s cursed state becomes permanent.

In this Choose Your Path story, your choices lead Salvatore through the trials of frigid winterscape to retrieve one magical leaf from The Northern Kingdom. Be sure to watch your step, danger lurks around every corner!

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Did any of these books find their way onto your shelves or baskets? Let me know in the comments!

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