Book Swap

Book Swap Update / November 24th

What Is BookSwap?
It’s a UK Book Swapping website! You can buy books from other users for a point and the price of postage (just under £4), which means sending your own books is completely free. Whenever you send a book you get a point, to then use to get a book from someone else. If like me you don’t have a printer, check here to see if there’s a Hermes printing machine near you!

Books I’ve Sent This Week

I read Counting Stars this week but didn’t love it enough to keep it. I’ve had Love, Frankie for a while but have decided to unhaul my Wilson books.

Books Received This Week

The Hermes backlog finally arrived! Some Girls Do is a hardback, which is an incredible steal for £4.

Books I Have For Swap

These are the books waiting for a home! If you’re in the UK and any catch your eye, you can find my profile here.

Do you use any book swapping sites? Let me know in the comments!

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