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The Best Books Of 2021…

I’m kicking off a (nearly) full week of wrap up posts today, so the regular schedule has been paused until 2022! This week you can expect:

  • Today: My favourite books of 2021
  • Wednesday: My most hated books of 2021
  • Thursday: The best book covers of 2021
  • Friday: The 2021 books I meant to read and missed
  • Saturday: My favourite movies of 2021
  • Sunday: 2022 Blogging and life goals

I’ll be announcing which book is my absolute favourite this year in my main 2021 Wrap Up post (Dec 31st) BUT I think most of you can already guess what it is because I literally do not shut up about it.


A modern girl who spend the summer in Paris and discovers that her Grandmother left her an apartment that has been sealed for seventy years? I just knew The Paper Girl Of Paris would be a five star read and it was. A Complicated Love Story Set In Space couldn’t be more different, using the flat pack spaceship method that I love in Doctor Who, it offers a complicated puzzle to solve – just how did these teenagers end up on the space ship in the first place?


I wasn’t expecting a contemporary about a girl who’s a reality tv star to have much depth to it, but Something Real shocked me with a story about a girl trapped by her abusive mother into broadcasting every moment of her life when all she wants to do is be a normal teenager.


This March I picked up the prequel to the Good Girl’s Guide To Murder series, which is a seriously fun murder mystery dinner party. I re-read All The Stars And Teeth, intending to read the sequel right after but I hit a bit of a reading slump. Amelia Unabridged made me sob hysterically after the very first chapter, so I knew it was going to be special.


I stumbled into Summers At Castle Auburn when I was trying to get my reading mojo back, and the quiet fantasy story of the years of a girls life spent at a castle was exactly what I needed. I think we were all obsessed with Shadow And Bone this year which I quickly read the first book of and loved (I had a mix up with the sequels and haven’t continued yet). House Of Hollow is exactly what I love – a dark, grisly fairytale story, that I’m still thinking about.


I was initially sceptical about None Shall Sleep, as two teenagers solving crimes with the police sounds difficult to believe – however this was easily explained by pushing their ages up to around 18, and setting it in the 80s. This story gave me everything I could want as a Hannibal fan. I almost DNF’d The Darkness Outside Us because Ambrose was SO ANNOYING, but as he started to grow as a person I connected with story, and the ending was just killer. I loved it.


After a massive reading slump where I read nothing for pretty much all of July, I finally got back by reading You & Me At the End Of The World, which I was hoping was post-apocalyptic and wasn’t, but I loved it anyway. A Lesson In Vengeance was incredibly dark, but not scary. I loved the spooky vibes though! Somewhere between contemporary an magical realism, Vampires Hearts And Other Dead Things was a scavenger hunt around New Orleans it’s portrayal of grief was realistic and heartbreaking.


I re-read The Inheritance Games before reading The Hawthorne Legacy which… wasn’t as good. It was a bit of a mess and I’m hoping The Final Gambit makes more sense. Your Life Has Been Delayed is about a girl in the 90s, who travels on a plane and arrives in the present day, and despite some odd relationship choices this was really, really good.


Instead of reading spooky books this October, I read blue ones instead. Frankie & Book is an middle grade story of a girl and her trans friend, and I cried at the ending (which was a happy ending!). I read all of one chapter of Little Thieves, declared it a five star read to my friends and then became insufferable. I’ve even stalked eBay and Depop for two days and paid £35 to get the Illumicrate edition. It’s bad. I actually rated The Night When No One Had Sex a 4/5, but that was simply me sulking because I didn’t get to spend more time with this wonderful, hilarious cast of characters.


Viper was one of the only pirate books I’ve read that gave me that gritty, slimy, Pirates Of The Caribbean vibe, as others have felt more like fantasy. The Wicker King is a dark story of co-dependent relationships and mental illness, but was never written in a way that was difficult to read, which I appreciated.


Sal is an incredible adventure story of young girls living in the remote Scottish wilderness. Because it was a cis man writing about sexual abuse, I did worry it wouldn’t work, but this was written really well.

I’ll update this post if I have any more favourites this December!

Which books did you love this year? Let me know in the comments!

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16 thoughts on “The Best Books Of 2021…

  1. I would love to check out House of Hollow, something to different to what I usually read.
    I don’t blame you for searching down the Illumicrate edition of Little Thieves, I was literally talking to someone the other day about how stunning it is 😍😍
    Basically all these books are on my TBR and I need to get my life in order. Hope 2022 has lots of great favourites for you too 💜
    My favourites of the year was the green bone saga, loved the whole series so much 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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