NetGalley Check In

NetGalley Check In // 18th May

We’ve been doing so much lately I haven’t had much time to read at all, so I’ve just been squeezing books in where I can! Here’s what I’ve been reading and downloading since the last post:

Read This Fortnight

This May End Badly was almost a fun read, but the fun was overshadowed by dark events towards the end that clashed. City Spies is a super fun middle grade thriller, I’m already reading the sequel! And Hotel Magnifique was sadly, very disappointing, with an extremely irritating main character.

New additions to my NetGalley Shelf

NetGalley has felt pretty stale the last couple of months and I haven’t been interested in anything enough to request or download it. However, I spotted Weaver right as I started this post and it looked interesting enough to request, to my surprise I was approved before I’d even finished the post!

Which NetGalley books have you been reading and requesting lately? Let me know in the comments!

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