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Deep Water by Sarah Epstein // Book Review


Henry Weaver is missing.
Three months ago, thirteen-year-old Henry disappeared from The Shallows during a violent storm, leaving behind his muddy mountain bike at the train station.

Mason Weaver is trapped.
While Mason doesn’t know who he is or what he’s capable of, he knows the one thing binding him to this suffocating small town is his younger brother, Henry.

Chloe Baxter wants answers.
Why would Henry run away without telling her? One of Chloe’s friends knows something and she’s determined to find out the truth.

As Chloe wades into dangerous waters and Mason’s past emerges, a chilling question ripples to the surface: how far would you go to keep a secret?



This story had a lot of the same elements that made me love A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder and I’m starting to think that if I was a good, emotional, well written murder mystery, all I have to do is not read American authors.

This story is set in a small town in Australia, using a multi-pov and flashbacks to paint the whole story. This worked very well, the flashback scenes were made very clear and I never felt confused as I was reading, I really enjoyed putting the pieces together.

I liked that every character had complex personalities. Mason has a temper, but he’s also from an abusive home. Chloe may seem demanding and bossy, but she just loves Henry and wants to do what’s right by him. This made it much harder to guess what happened in the end.

The ending wasn’t what I expected, and it picked up the pace and stakes perfectly, having me flip through the pages to see what would happen next as the culprit grew more and more desperate and we started to uncover the awful truth of where Henry was. Sarah is definitely a must-buy author for me now.

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