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Her Dark Wings by Melinda Salisbury // Book Review


The great love of Corey’s life has always been her best friend, Bree: closer than sisters, their bond is unbreakable.

Or so Corey believes, until Bree betrays her, and Corey’s world is shattered.

Corey finds herself heartbroken, furious and alone…

Only to discover that the Underworld – and Hades, Lord of the Dead – is closer than she thinks…



I think I was expecting a really epic story of the Greek Underworld, with vast landscapes and more Gods to keep up with that I would be able to and this story just… wasn’t that at all. In fact for most of it, I was painfully bored.

The main character, despite wishing her friend dead, is really more of a Mary Sue trope, with every single person/god/entity bending over backwards to tell her just how okay that is and that she did nothing wrong at all. She has the perfect life, privilege, a loving family, she’s attractive and wealthy.

Vaguely finding herself in the Underworld after Bree dies, Corey proceeded to spend a good half the book in a landscape continuously described as grey, beige, barren, boring with no life whatsoever, living in a cave with the three fates that groom each other like some sort of freaky bird monkeys.

I was hoping for some good development of Corey and Hades relationship but he barely turned up, making an appearance maybe 4 times before Corey decided to just move in with him and tell him his decor was terrible and he needed more furniture.

Bree was a much more interesting character, once we finally got to know her right at the end of the book, and a dual POV might have worked better here. Overall though, I was very very bored and felt that the ending was lackluster.

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