NetGalley Check In

NetGalley Update // 28th September

Bookswap has really stagnated for me for a while, so I’m taking that out of this update post until it starts treating me better! I have a plan to get some more points this month though. Here’s everything I’ve been reading and downloading from NetGalley since the last post:

Read Since The Last Post From NetGalley

Nothing BUT I am about half way through Timberdark!

New Additions To My NetGalley Shelf

I had a feeling that the publishers on NetGalley were going to drop a load of books as Read Now and I was right – after grabbing three 2023 releases last week they added more, and I went for The Witch And The Vampire by Francesca Flores because it’s been high on my wishlist for a while!

I now have 20 books on NetGalley which is my limit, I don’t like having more than one page so I reeeeally need to start reading harder if I’m going to get any more soon.

Which books have you been reading and requesting lately? Let me know in the comments!

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