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NetGalley & BookSwap Update // 19th October

It’s a late one today because I’ve been super busy and it’s the school holidays here. 😭 Bookswap has finally gotten better – I do still have some books on there that I’m really surprised haven’t been grabbed yet, so if you’re in the UK check me out here.

Here’s everything I’ve been reading and downloading from NetGalley since the last post too!

Books Sent On Bookswap

None this week! If you’re in the UK I have some really new books that need a new home – particularly Her Dark Wings (signed plate), Society For Soulless Girls and A Rush Of Wings (also signed plate).

Books Received From Bookswap

This is the signed Waterstones hardback that I’ve been wanting for a couple of months, it was a great find.

Read Since The Last Post From NetGalley

I guess I got behind on my NetGalley! I’ve just started Friends Like These though, which is an interesting mystery so far.

New Additions To My NetGalley Shelf

I don’t like going over 20 books on my NetGalley shelf, which I’m at right now. Once I read a few more books I might get some more!

Feedback Ratio: 78%

Which books have you been reading and requesting lately? Let me know in the comments!

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