NetGalley Check In

NetGalley & BookSwap Update // 2nd November

Bookswap is a book swapping site in the UK with a points based system, check me out here.

Here’s everything I’ve been reading and downloading from NetGalley since the last post too!

Books Sent On Bookswap

None this week!

Books Received From Bookswap

None this week either! Funds are a little low for buying books, otherwise I would have absolutely grabbed the new Buffy book and a copy of The Secret History yesterday.

Read Since The Last Post From NetGalley

Apparently I’ve done nothing in the last week 😂 I am more than half way through The Two Wrong Halves Of Ruby Taylor, which is a really fun read about Jewish identity but I have to say the title doesn’t match at all.

New Additions To My NetGalley Shelf

I absolutely started screech babbling at my partner when I got approved for this! This is a companion / sequel novel to Sorcery Of Thorns, a book I really loved and have been wanting to read a sequel of for months now.

Feedback Ratio: 78%

Which books have you been reading and requesting lately? Let me know in the comments!

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