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NetGalley Update // 4th January

I’m starting off this year by not requesting NetGalley books until I’ve got my pile down – I’m at 17, but I’d really like to get it down to 10 as I don’t want to be reading too many NetGalley books this year, I want to focus on my physical TBR pile. I last posted on the 9th November before I took a break from blogging and slowed down how much I read, so here’s everything I’ve read since then!

There are three other books I did try to read but didn’t finish. Big Rig was just way too long for a middle grade book. The Dragon’s Promise, the sequel to Crimson Cranes which I really enjoyed, but the sequel slogged for me and I ended up just reading the last few chapters to find out what happened. And I’m The Girl, I thought this was going to be a simple murder mystery and it’s brutal right from the start, if you choose to read it check the trigger warnings first. Definitely not for me!

Both Belladonna and Not Good For Maidens weren’t perfect reads, but I enjoyed both of them and gave them both 4/5 star ratings. I’ll definitely be looking out for the Belladonna sequel.

Which books have you been reading and requesting lately? Let me know in the comments!

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