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Wolfsong by Ignatz Dovidāns // Book Review


15 years ago, a band of heroes died to save the world. But, in doing so, they unleashed something that should have been forgotten.

In the wake of the great Reckoning that nearly ended humanity, darkness swells in alleys, throne rooms, and places unknown. A complex web of subterfuge and dark politics has been spun and the world unknowingly stands at a precipice once more.

In this first installment of the Moonrise Saga, a young man seeks a stranger lurking in his pastoral village, a master assassin is given his most challenging mission yet, and a swordsman’s daughter struggles to find her own path in the wake of her sister’s marriage.

In this resplendent fantasy story full of diverse and authentically human characters, a world of hidden magic and thrilling mystery is revealed. And deep within lies a story of trauma, hope, and the beauty in between.



I found this via TikTok of all things, and I’m really glad I decided to give this book a chance. This is an YA epic fantasy story, and much like Game Of Thrones places our characters at different points across it’s world, it’s a really promising start to the series.

I always like when we get to see different aspects of a fantasy world with multiple POVs, from the poor farmlands Brendon lives in to the comfortable life Leah lives as she watches her sister marry a local Lord. Not all of these characters meet in this book, and I’m interested to see how their stories intersect in the future. It did take me a moment to remember who was who as the book started, but I had no issues after the half way mark.

This is a really short book at just over 200 pages, but manages to set up the world, bring the different voices in and give us a glimpse into the paths the characters may take and the choices they could make in the future, which makes me really excited to continue the series.

Have you read this book? Let me know in the comments!

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