NetGalley Check In

NetGalley Update // 8th March

I totally forgot to schedule this yesterday and I’m owning up to that 😂 Luckily, I’m home early today because my kid’s school closed at 1pm due to the sudden overnight snow in the UK, and they decided to tell us this an hour later I’ve never been so stressed in my life, I was in TOWN trying to EAT A SCONE. Anyway she’s home now with a chocolate milkshake so it’s all good.

Read Since The Last Post

I was expecting a fun, campy, end of the world romp as this is set during a party and somehow this book managed to be boring as hell and irritate me to death. I should have DNF’d it.

Downloaded Since The Last Post

I’m holding off on requesting and downloading unless there’s a book I really want right now, but alas my TBR has grown again – I’m so excited to be approved for Spell Bound, and the publisher of Lose You To Find Me emailed me with a link to get the book as they liked my review of All That’s Left In The World!

That does bring my NetGalley shelf total up to the absolute maximum I can cope with, 20, so I’m going to have to binge read like crazy this month to catch up.

Which books have you been reading and requesting lately? Let me know in the comments!

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