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5 Questions I Had While Watching Shadow & Bone Season 2

Spoilers, Obviously.

Why Did No-One Change Their Clothes?

Okay, I understand that they have a lot to do, but I watched Jesper travel from Ketterdam to Shu Han, spend a couple of days helping collect a sword, and then travel all the way to Alina and he was wearing the same outfit THE ENTIRE TIME. Bizarrely, this doesn’t apply to every character, while the Darkling seemed happy to sit in his depression swamp outfit, Nina appeared in a whole variety of fantastic dresses and hats.

Just How Do The Magic Powers Work Anyway?

This stuff may make more sense to the book readers (I’ve only read the first and Six Of Crows) but the powers seemed to vary wildly but also be basically the same? Like the Fabrikators and Durasts both seem to do metal, and the Heartrenders can heal. But the Tailor can also heal. Also I never understood why Alina didn’t try for learning the same techniques the fire magic people used, considering her thing seemed to be literally the sun.

Did Pekka Rollins Have To Have The Scottish Accent?

I’m begging showrunners, if you’re not going to bother casting a Scottish actor for a Scottish character, please just scrap the accent rather than making me sit through an Englishman laying on the thickest accent he can muster. On the other hand, Danielle, Nina’s actor, should have been allowed to keep her Irish accent I feel.

Why Did Alina Not Give A Damn About Anybody?

This was particularly noticable when Mal was kidnapped by the First Army for the entire battle scene before they retreated to the caves, she asked about him maybe once and then left to go chat to her ex instead. At the end battle too, she didn’t once ask or look for Genya.

Was There Really Any Point To Mattias Being In This Season?

Mattias being in this season leaves a massive hole if Six Of Crows doesn’t get picked up, because all he did was sit in prison with Pekka Rollins and his story was left pretty open ended. Most of his scenes could have been a quick 10 minute catch up in Six Of Crows, but I am glad the actor got his paycheck. Also though – he would have been such a good casting for the new Witcher?

Have you seen this season? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “5 Questions I Had While Watching Shadow & Bone Season 2

  1. Lololol, your questions are so on point! 🤣 I must admit, I never really focused too much on outfit changes or the lack of them, but now that you mention it, it is kind of weird… And you’re spot on about Mattias’ role and the jumbled magic system and world building, too! I guess the latter does make a bit more sense if you’ve read the books (there are different Grisha orders with suborders that have very similar skills, if that helps 😉), but they also don’t go into a whole lot of detail, either.

    As for my overall thoughts on this season? I’m afraid they’re not that positive 😅 I felt like the storyline felt extremely rushed and didn’t give us enough time with each character, and what was up with everyone suddenly eating butterflies??? If you make huge changes to the books, at least make them make sense! But I was hooked enough to keep watching, so I guess there’s that 😁

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    1. Yeah I love the characters so much but the show itself? A mess. I really felt like they were rushing to wrap this up so they could start on Six Of Crows, even though we don’t know if it’ll be picked up by Netflix.

      The butterflies thing didn’t make sense to me, my partner pointed out that it would be more likely they they store the toxin and would have just killed them harder 😂


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